review for Morgans Bar,237 Madison Ave,New York, Great little bar hiding under another Schrager hotel. Design classic and the haunt of the odd celeb. Great cocktails too.

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Morgans Bar

Morgans Bar,New York

237 Madison Ave
Morgan Hotel
New York    New York discussion
Added by:  thursdayclub
Tel:   +1 (212) 726-7600
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Great little bar hiding under another Schrager hotel. Design classic and the haunt of the odd celeb. Great cocktails too.

Final Word: Lounge Bar

+ Good cocktails and atmosphere
- quiet early on
Recent Comments

Member Pic The entrance to Morgans Bar is very non-descript...

or at least it's as non-descript as an entrance can be when its adjacent to a swanky Ian Schrager hotel like Morgan. For those of you not familiar, other Ian Schrager Hotels include the Royalton, Hudson Hotel and the Paramount in New York as well as a number of other hotels in major cities across the country...but I digress.

Morgans Bar is located just to the left of the main hotel entrance (to the right is Asia de Cuba which we'll get to another time). Before entering the bar you descend a dimly lit staircase and pass through a curtain. This is where the allure begins.

Morgans Bar is not your traditional New York chic nightspot. When you enter the main room, it feels like you are transported back to the 30's/40's (or so I hear) Come on...I'm not that OLD!

Anyway...the main room is dimly, yet romantically lit with many candles. Ornate mirror lined exposed brick walls, equally ornate chandeliers with faux candles and some eclectic relaxing music (great electro jazz and even some more modern U2 tunes) round out the atmosphere. Comfy sofas line the walls...each section with a small table where you can rest your drinks and appetizers if you like. There's even an area with an oversized sofa set back into a mirror lined alcove thatís quite romantic.

One thing you ought to know. The nights that I've been there, it's not been much of a singles spot. It's certainly geared toward couples. A quick scan of the room and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, I've seen plenty of groups, but I didn't get the sense that this is any kind of pickup joint. Quite the contrary. It's a very romantic, 2nd/3rd date spot.

Now, onto the particulars. Morgans Bar isn't cheap, it's about average for other bars in the same category such as the those Rande Gerber creations at the W hotels (Underbar, The Library, Cherry, Whiskey Blue), etc... At about $9 bux for mixed drinks and $7 bux for beer (I think...I wasn't drinking beer when I was there), you'd better be prepared to lay down the plastic...but don't let that stop you...if you want to have a great night with those special someoneís...stop by...and let me know what you think.

By: Greg S

A while ago ..
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